Data Analyst with SQL (8.000 zł - 10.000 zł net+VAT)

Opis oferty

We’re looking for Data Analyst to join new Data team in Survicate. As Data team member, you will be responsible for data on every part of business which drives growth: mainly product, marketing and customer success.

Data team is working with other teams in the company to drive insights, provide knowledge and advice based on data we collect, transform and analyze. We help design pricing, define target market and traits of the best customers, measure effectiveness of new initiatives and help others make informed decisions.
In your day to day work, you will be responsible for building and maintaining reports and dashboards in our BI tool Metabase, data exploration with raw SQL and our notebooks tool, cleaning data, building tables for analysis and answering ad-hoc questions. Please note that this is NOT an Excel role, you will be using mostly SQL and work in database (Google BigQuery).
Later, you will have a chance to upskill in data engineering (ELT, dbt, git and command line) or data science (Python, notebooks, machine learning). You can wear multiple hats if you want, too.

Example work:
  • Measure accounts conversion rates from signup to first revenue grouped by marketing channel (both first click and linear attribution)
  • Calculate ROI of paid channels based on campaign cost and customer lifetime value (with precision down to single ad click)
  • Analyse usage of different features and its impact on business value
  • Churn prediction based on historical data


What do we expect?
  • Curiosity and strong drive to explore
  • Good understanding of SaaS business model and related metrics
  • Good communication skills, ability to explain complex topics
  • Ability to write clear documentation (naming things clearly, commenting code and user facing descriptions)
  • Ability to work in remote environment with high autonomy
  • Advanced SQL knowledge (joins, common table expressions, window functions)
  • 2 years of experience as data analyst or similar role
By the 30 day mark you will be:
  • getting up to speed with our metrics and definitions
  • working in Metabase, having basic understanding of our data and available datasets
  • answering data questions from other teams
  • building interactive dashboards for selected KPIs
  • introducing yourself to our dbt project, where we are transforming all data for further analysis
By the 60 day mark you will be:
  • comfortable with modeling data in dbt, command line and basic git
  • understanding how BigQuery works and becoming comfortable with its documentation
  • taking part in improving our data structure and presenting ideas how we can become better as a team
  • documenting your work in a clear way
By the 90 day mark you will be:
  • exploring raw data and building new analytics models in dbt
  • connecting and managing new data sources if needed
  • gathering requirements and data requests from other teams, then preparing relevant data, reports and dashboards
  • acting as a data advisor for the team, providing advice on how to act on information derived from our data
  • starting to explore possibilities of applying machine learning to our datasets
  • contributing to documentation on our data and processes

Why Survicate?

  • The real impact on shaping the future of communication with our Clients

  • Flexible working hours & possibility of 100% remote work in Poland

  • 26 days of paid annual leave for all employees

  • Office in Warsaw, Śródmieście (Office with the garden!)

  • Multisport cards, private health care & benefit platform

  • Personal assistant (AskHenry) & mental health support platform (HearMe)

  • Company events – meetings, occasional retreats

  • Salary tailored to your experience, skills, and performance

  • Friendly atmosphere and a great team